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 The Orphans 


Actor Reels

Your reel should showcase your best work, and leave your audience wanting more. Let's collaborate to determine which scenes would be your best marketing tool to help you level up and book your next role! $75 deposit required to begin work. Email me for a consult.

Actor Reels edited by Tommy Martin

Actor Reels edited by Tommy Martin

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Your headshot is your calling card. It should tell a story about you/ your character, what role(s) to consider you for next. It shouldn't be you posing in different shirts. A picture is worth a thousand words, but shouldn't break the bank. Rates are always flexible depending on your needs, deposit required. Travel and special requests will incur additional fees. Email me to get started. 


 Multiple Hats Productions 

Like many kids of the 80's, Tommy made several mixtapes and CD's, curating playlists as if he were a disc jockey. The CDs are in his Mom's garage and have incredibly clever titles such as Mix #1. His radio station mixtapes, created with the assistance of a Talkboy (yup, the toy from Home Alone 2) and voiced by then 8-year old radio announcer Tommy, are likely lost to history; perhaps for the best. 


Tommy began making improvised videos with his improv classmates for Second City's 7 Day Shorts Program, teaching himself how to make a two-minute short using a Flip camera and iMovie. He continued cumulating skills and learning how all the puzzle pieces of production fit together. He was motivated by prolific multi-hyphenates Jake Jarvi and Ronald Short, to name a few. Tommy has gone on to work as a writer, producer, director, assistant camera, assistant director, photographer, production designer. His projects have traveled to film festivals worldwide, earning numerous nominations and wins along the way. 

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