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Tommy has gained a wealth of production knowledge working as a writer, producer, director, assistant director, assistant camera, photographer, production designer, and more. His projects have traveled to film festivals worldwide, earning numerous nominations and wins along the way. He began making improvised videos with his classmates for Second City's 7 Day Shorts Program, making a two-minute short within a week using his Flip camera and iMovie, learning by trial and error. He was highly motivated by prolific multi-hyphenate filmmakers Ronald Short and Jake Jarvi, as he continued accumulating skills. His experience on sets ranging from no budget indies to multi-million dollar blockbusters, lending work in varied roles such as background, stand-in, actor, and assorted crew positions provided a wealth of information on understanding and making movies.


"Tommy's passion for filmmaking shows on every production. His positive attitude and ability to read the room is key. He can wear many hats with a great variety of experience. Tommy understands how to support and lift every role on set."


Tyler Furlan Films


"I wholeheartedly recommend Tommy Martin and his services to any Producer, Director, or Unit Production Manager in the film industry. I have had the pleasure and unique experience of growing as a filmmaker alongside Tommy and can attest to his perseverance and dedication to a project. When faced with the difficult task of creating my first sci-fi feature film, I needed to find the "right" individual whose mid-western tenacity was well-mixed with raw talent. Tommy was "my guy", and I am very grateful he took a chance on me. He literally jumped through countless hoops to fulfill our shooting schedule's demands in KY, IN, and IL. I look with fondness on his future career."


Versa Studios

"I have worked with Tommy Martin and can vouch for his professionalism, friendliness, and willingness to go the extra mile. We have collaborated on two photo projects and he makes a great team member. During our shoots, he takes direction well and brings great ideas to the table. His positivity is infectious and I would work with him again without hesitation. "


Tina Smothers Photography

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