Tommy Martin is a storyteller spanning the creative arts reaching audiences worldwide with performance in An Uncommon Grace, Dhoom 3, and Platoon of Power Squadron. Notable stage appearances include Don't Dress for Dinner (Robert)The Front Page (Kruger) , & American Idiot (drummer). Recently, Tommy was the understudy for Death Tax (Lucas Hnath) at Redtwist Theatre. Coming up next, he will be co-directing The West Virginian Starfish with Hyten Davidson.  

Tommy enjoys extending his creativity as a filmmaker, with credits including writer, producer, director, and editor.

Tommy has directed two short films and a play. 

His debut, Love at First Like, and sophomore effort The Beginning, are navigating the film festival market. Memory Foam (written by Anthony Targan), Tommy's theatrical debut, was wildly popular at the 2019 Paragon Play Festival in Chicago. 

His screenwriting debut, Monsters Anonymous, toured film festivals & became a popular Halloween haunt on YouTube. He was also a writer/performer in 3x3x3 hosted by The Den Theater, for which he penned the parody crime drama Too Many Cats, portraying feline characters at the scene of a meowder [sic].

Tommy is proud to be a member of the Chicago local SAG-AFTRA board.







Don't Dress for DInner
Don't Dress for Dinner
Don't Dress for Dinner
The Front Page
The Front Page
The Front Page
The Front Page
American Idiot

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