Alan Bresloff

Highly Recommended, Around the Town Chicago

“Don’t Dress For Dinner” is a typical English comedy/farce filled with mistaken identity and mishaps. We are at the country home of Bernard (Peter Brian Kelly) and his wife, Jacqueline (deftly handled by Claire Yearman). Jacqueline is heading off to visit her mother, and Bernard has other plans. His mistress, Suzanne (charmingly played by Sarah Brooks) is going to visit him and his best friend, Robert (played to perfection by Tommy Martin) is coming to be his alibi. 



Eugene Sun Park

"Tommy was a consummate professional throughout all stages of production. I was constantly impressed by his relentless dedication to preparing for the role. He reached out to actual firemen to learn all about search and rescue protocol, which proved to be absolutely crucial for the scene we shot. Tommy also understands the value of creating a rich inner life for his character, one that is filled with a genuine personal history."

Jake Jarvi

Director, The Platoon of Power Squadron

"Tommy Martin is the rare kind of actor who brings more to the character you write than you ever imagined. He brought a cache of props he assembled himself, he brings boundless enthusiasm and energy to every scene, and he immediately adapts to every direction. He's supportive of fellow cast members and helpful to crew. He absolutely makes a shoot day easier and definitely more fun. He's a good dude to have in your corner when you're trying to make your day." 

Susan Athey

"Not only did Tommy turn out to be a great AD and social media master, he is also a versatile actor, singer/ songwriter, comedian, and celebrity impersonator. He's one of the hardest working people in the biz and he never stops prodding me to work a little harder-which I need. He's always a blast to work with. He's my all around right hand, always willing to take on any task. I highly recommend him."

Ronald Short

"If there’s one thing Tommy Martin has it’s dedication. The dude dedicates his time and energy for your project tenfold, especially if it’s one he’s passionate about. On top of that, he delivers a top notch performance every time. He’s a class act and a great man to work with."

Heath Benfield

Director, Apples & Oranges

“I first came to know Tommy on a whim. He graciously volunteered his time and talent to my 48 Hour Film Project entry without knowing much about me. We had a ball, and I was impressed by how engaged he became with such a frantic project. He really helped level me. Ever since, Tommy has become a trusted friend, and I continue to marvel at his commitment to his craft. He is as loyal and dedicated as any actor I’ve worked with.”

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